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Holiday Gift Guide

T-10 days left until the best holiday of the year- aka Christmas! Stuck on present ideas for your family, friends, or significant others? Well you've come to the right place! Here's a list of some of my favorite presents I've given/received over the last few years categorized by person & price. Most of these things have express shipping options, can be found on Amazon, or at a local store!

disclaimer: these are categorized with what I have got different people in my life, but are not gender-specific

* Amazon link if you're in a rush!

FOR HER: mom, sister, girlfriend, friend

  • Customized Calendar : we get this as a "stocking stuffer" for my mom every year and it's her favorite present because she religiously uses a calendar. By the time the end of the year rolls around, there's no more months left on her old one, so this is perfect! ($20)

  • Revlon Brush Blow Dryer : if the women in your life don't already have this, then they're missing out! I'm obsessed with this one step blow dryer and would recommend this product to every person with long hair ($35) * Buy on Amazon here

  • Lululemon Fanny Pack : fanny packs have definitely made a come back this year and lululemon really stepped up their game. Their everywhere belt bag is a staple ($38)

  • Fenty Skincare : all girls don't know they love skincare until they actually start religiously following a skincare routine, and this starter set is clutch! Fenty Beauty by Rihanna is *chef's kiss* ($40) * Buy on Amazon here

  • Polaroid Camera : The trend with polaroid film pictures are back & what better way to ride the wave than your own polaroid camera! ($50)

  • Gucci Bloom Perfume: my sister gave me this perfume for Christmas last year and now I can't ever go back to VS perfumes. It's definitely on the expensive side but the scent is amazing, it's lasted me this whole year and it stays on so long! ($105) * Buy on Amazon here

  • Gymshark Workout Set: every girl needs at least one matching set and the seamless collection from gymshark is my personal favorite! It fits so well and the quality is so good too. Some other brands: Alphalete, Bo+Tee & around the same price ($105)

  • Facial : no specific link here but facials are a great present and there's so many different types you can get. My sister got a hydrafacial a few months ago and said her skin felt so refreshed & cleansed after it! (Depending what facial you get can range from $50-250)

FOR HIM: dad, brother, boyfriend, friend

  • Adidas Slides: my dad got a pair of these last year and they're such nice house/backyard slippers & make for a great stocking stuffer ($20) * Buy on Amazon here

  • Polo Quarter-zip: this is literally my go-to gift for a guy because it's such a classic and anyone can pull off a quarter-zip! ($60) * Buy similar on Amazon here

  • Ovo Collection: most of the guys in my life love Drake so anything from the OVO collection has been good present, but if they're not a drake fan maybe something from their favorite artist's line ($100)

  • Watch: I got my boyfriend this last year and he wears it all the time for formal events! Although I'm glued to my apple watch, most guys generally like having a broader watch collection ($120) *Buy similar on Amazon here

  • Sports Jerseys: now that basketball and football season are on, a jersey might just be the perfect gift! Fansedge always has discounts going on too (starts at around $120)

  • Joggers: I got my sister's boyfriend these joggers last year for Christmas and he's been obsessed- a good pair of joggers are always a staple for men's closets. Alphalete, Gymshark & Lululemon are all good choices ($120)

  • Branded Wallet Clip : I feel like many people have been switching from a traditional wallet to wallet clips so maybe it's time to upgrade to designer! My boyfriend got a Burberry Clip Wallet and loves it, but there's always cheaper options if you don't want to drop that much money yet (ranged from amazon $20 - Burberry $250)

  • Remarkable Notebook: our dad's really old school and loves taking notes but they always seem so scattered. So this year we decided to get him this digital notebook & pen so he can upload his notes instantly and be more organized! ($300)

FOR BOTH: for him, for her, parents, couples

  • 3 in 1 charging station: I honestly think this is one of the most useful items I've ever purchased. I hate when my chargers keep falling off my side table so it's so convenient to have everything with just one plug standing upright ($35)

  • Diffuser: last year for Christmas, I gave my boyfriend's family a diffuser and I feel like it's always a good go-to. Most people won't go out of their way to buy one, but it's a nice thing to have! ($40)

  • Air Fryer : If you're not on the air fryer hype, what are you doing!! Best invention ever ($50-200)

  • Couples Adventure Book: bored of regular date nights with your significant other? Check out this adventure book with 50 scratch off adventures! ($55)

  • Kindle : I personally am not a reader, but my sister doesn't go anywhere without her kindle! If you know someone that loves reading, then this is the perfect present ($55)

  • Massage Gun: we have 3 massage guns at home and we use them so much. Especially after the gym or a long day, it's just so convenient to have (ranges from $35-$150)

  • Ugg Slippers: so cozy & so comfy and they have them for men/women! ($100)

  • Espresso Machine: for all my coffee lovers, this one's for you! ($135)

  • Away Suitcase: for those who love to travel, this is a great present because it makes packing so much easier and more efficient! I definitely recommend getting the "bigger carry on" & we got the portable charger along with it too ($300)

  • Roomba: we got this for my parents last year for Christmas and it's been a game changer! It's even on sale for $100 off at bed, bath & beyond!! We have the i3 model ($300)

  • Game Tickets: no specific link here, but I'm always a huge fan of experiences instead of presents. Game tickets whether it be to a basketball/football game is always a fun idea! (ranges from $150+)


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