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Gym Exercises

How many times have you gone to the gym and not know what to do or where to start?

I definitely have been there, so I always keep a list of exercises on my phone separated for each muscle so I don't forget! I decided to make this a blog so you can use it as reference and tried to include videos of each exercise in case you don't know where to start. My gym workout schedule is usually 3 leg days, 1 back, bi, and shoulder day, and 1 chest & triceps day. If I end up going to the gym more, then I'll throw in one cardio day too! I'm not a certified trainer or anything but these are just a list of exercises I usually follow. It's always nice to switch up your exercises so you don't get bored. I usually pick 6 exercises for my workout to do 3 sets with 12 reps each.


  • Cable Kick Backs - Glutes This exercise is a great warm-up for leg day. Most gyms usually don't have ankle straps, so I bought these from Amazon and they're amazing! Just grab a cable machine, attach the ankle strap and alternate pushing out each leg.

  • Bulgarian Split Squats - Glutes As much as this one KILLS me, it's one of the best glute exercises I've ever done. It's super important to get the form right for this because depending on your form, you could be working out your thighs or glutes. Follow the tutorial if you're unsure!

  • Leg Press Machine - Quads Make sure to keep a wide stance on this machine like you're about to do a squat and let it come all the way down to really feel it

  • Squats - Glutes/Quads Form is SUPER important when doing squats, so if you're hurting in the wrong places, then definitely lower the weight. I always had trouble with squats because it would hurt to rest the bar on my back, so I got this pad from Amazon, and it's a game changer

  • Sumo Squats (squats but toes pointed out to focus more on glutes) - Quads/Glutes If you want to feel squats more in your glutes, then with your squat stance, go a little wider and point your toes outward with your heels still inward

  • Heel Elevated Squats (squats but put your heels on a plate to focus on glutes) - Quads Another squats variation if you want to mix things up. I usually grab 25 pound plates and put them right under my heels as if I'm about to do a normal squat

  • Goblet Squats - Quads/Glutes Just a normal squat while holding a kettle bell or weight to keep all the weight in the center

  • Landmine Squats - Quads/Glutes Another squat variation to keep the weight in the center

  • Hyper Extension Machine - Glutes This is the most underrated glutes exercise!! It's a good leg day finisher when you're super tired and need one more thing to do. This machine is normally used for abs, but once I found out you could use it for glutes, I've been doing it constantly

  • Hamstring Curls- Hamstring Usually if I'm at the gym, I just use the hamstring curl machine and the key is to slowly count to 4 on your way down to really feel it. If you don't have one at your gym, you can also lay on the stomach on the floor with a dumbbell between your heels and do the same motion

  • Lunges - Quads Instead of dumbbells, I prefer to put a barbell on my back and use that instead. If you do back lunges, you target glutes more while front lunges target your quads more

  • Curtsy Lunges - Glutes Another underrated glutes exercise are curtsy lunges! I prefer holding dumbbells for this exercise and focus on doing more weight less reps to feel it the most

  • Hip Thrusts - Glutes My leg day is incomplete without hip thrusts, because this exercise will make your glutes sore for days. Definitely recommend getting a barbell pad or you'll bruise your hip area and it's super uncomfortable. Make sure your form is right or you'll end up working your quads rather than butt

  • Deadlift - Hamstring Make sure you don't have too much weight for this or you could injure your back pretty bad. I usually use dumbbells for this because the barbell makes my back hurt

  • Romanian Deadlift (RDL's) - Hamstring/Glutes Make sure to really push your hips out on this to feel it in your glutes

  • Calf raises - Calves Hold a weight in one hand and the wall with the other and just go up and down on your tippy toes slowly & alternate

  • Hip Abduction Machine - Thighs Most people think the abduction machines are for your glutes, but they're actually only for your thighs. It's a good leg day finisher but again mainly for your thighs

** Here are some of my leg day workout combos! I usually pick between 4-6 exercises


  • Chest Press I use a barbell for chest press over dumbbells because it's easier to keep the weight even on both sides

  • Chest Press Incline It's important to make sure your wrists aren't turning to face the ground when you're lifting and they should be kept parallel to your face.

  • Chest Press Decline Same idea here, but just make sure your feet are locked at the bottom so you don't slide off

  • Cable Machine Chest Fly You can also do this using dumbbells but I feel it more with the cable machines

  • Tricep Dips This one has so many variations, whether you do it on a machine or go along the side of your bed do them, either work

  • Tricep Pull Down I prefer to use the rope connector on the cable machine for this because it gives me the best grip

  • Tricep Dumbbell Extension Another great tricep workout that you can do sitting or standing

  • Tricep Skull Crushers If your triceps don't feel like noodles after this, then you need to up your weight

** Here are some of my push day workout combos! I usually pick between 4-6 exercises


  • Seated Cable Rows - Back Cable machines are the best for back day because you can do so much with them. Seated cable rows are a good place to start

  • Lateral Pull Down - Back Another back exercise you can do on the cable machine. Just make sure to focus on pulling with your back and not your biceps

  • Standing Lateral Pushdown - Back Another one for the cable machine that you can do. Make sure to pull with your back

  • Bent Over Row - Back I usually use a barbell for this because it evens the weight between both hands for me, but you can also use a dumbbell

  • Bicep Curls - Bicep Just standard dumbbells to curl with your palms facing upward

  • Cable Machine Bicep Curls - Bicep Same form as bicep curls but this time you use the cable machine and use both your hands to pull the same weight

  • Hammer Curls - Bicep Same stance as bicep curls but turn your palms to face each other, rather than both upwards. So the dumbbell should be sideways as well when you curl up

  • Dumbbell Curl To Press - Biceps & Shoulders Start with a bicep curl then turn your palms when you reach your shoulders to face outward and press the dumbbells up

  • Shoulder Press - Shoulder I like to sit down on a bench for this one and just use dumbbells to press up

  • Dumbbell Shrugs - Shoulder This one seems so easy but it definitely hurts the next day. Just shrug with weights in your hands!

  • Side Lateral Raise - Shoulder Back to the cable machine for a shoulder workout. Just do one arm at a time and lift the cable laterally

** Here are some of my pull day workout combos! I usually pick between 4-6 exercises

Hope this list helps and always feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


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